Leland, NC – Kindergarten and eighth grade students from Charter Day School enjoyed inspiring graduation ceremonies in the presence of their families and loved ones. Teachers and administrators praised their students for their courage, hard work, optimism, and ability to overcome the challenges they faced this year.

Laurie Benton, Headmaster of Charter Day School, stated, “Our students are amazing! They shined through adversity and are examples to us all. We are so proud of their hard work, virtue, and hope!”

Charter Day School is one of four public charter schools managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, Inc. founded in 1999 by education pioneer Baker Mitchell. The other schools include Douglass Academy in Wilmington, Columbus Charter School in Whiteville, and South Brunswick Charter School in Southport with a combined enrollment of over 2,100 students in K-8. All four are tuition-free, charter schools that welcome all students, regardless of income, ability, or address.  To learn more or enroll online, please visit EnrollRBA.com