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Elementary School Academic Program

Classical Charter Schools of Leland’s Elementary School utilizes elements of Direct Instruction while focusing on core subjects to allow our students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long learning, and contributing to both their generation and generations of the future. Classical Charter Schools of Leland maintains high student expectations in a positive and nurturing environment that is centered around students, directed by teachers and supported by our student’s home and community.

Our school lays the foundation for educationally sound ideas, such as:

  • Research based instructional practices
  • Individualized, differentiated instruction
  • Small instructional groups
  • Curriculum that is relevant, rewarding, and challenging

Our Goal

Our goal is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners in a globally and competitive society.  There are three steps in doing this:

First, maintain each child’s interest by helping them understand that what they are learning is going to prepare them for life in the real world.

Second, we will use only proven curricula and teaching methods that have documented success through data from repeated classroom use.

Third, we must excite learners to use their problem solving skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills throughout their daily lives, so they will continue to learn outside the formal school day.

Classical Charter Schools of Leland Elementary School’s community, staff, parents and students work as a team to ensure that all of our students receive the finest education experience in a safe, clean, spirited, and morally strong environment.