Middle School Academic Program

Classical Charter Schools of Leland’s Middle School continues to utilize elements of Direct Instruction that were imbedded in the Elementary School.  The focus on core subjects allows our adolescents to more deeply explore an advanced curriculum while developing the knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing life-long learning, and contributing to both their generation and generations of the future.

Developed as the natural progression from the elementary program, our middle school continues the foundation laid, utilizing educationally sound ideas, such as:

  • Research based instructional practices
  • Individualized, differentiated instruction
  • Homogeneous grouping for math
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Curriculum that is relevant, rewarding, and challenging

Middle School Structure

The Middle School at Classical Charter Schools of Leland is a time where students begin to take ownership of their education as they enter the early stages of adulthood.

Through Safety, Character and Scholarship, our middle school has devised a unique structure that meets the developmental and academic needs of our students.   Although students change classes, our content schedule allows for longer periods of time (90 minute content classes), which enables students to master the curriculum and teachers an opportunity to enrich our students through exploratory labs, projects and service learning activities.

For more information about the curricular path during middle school, please click here.

Our 3 Laws

First Law: Reward Good Behavior – You’ll get more of it.

Second Law: Teach to Mastery – Every child will learn.

Third Law: Watch the Children – If they are not behaving or learning, you are not following the first two laws

Additional Student Opportunities

–          Quarterly Community Service Learning Projects

–          Historical Field Trips

–          Championship Athletics – Archery and Cheerleading

–          School-wide Focus on Citizenship

–          Science Olympiad

Our Goal

The middle school, in partnership with parents and community, seeks to ensure that all students are competent in all content areas to create a solid foundation that prepares students for a successful high school career and entrance to an institute of higher learning.