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School Performance Report School Letter Grade School Performance Grade
2022-23 Performance Report C 68
2021-22 Performance Report C 65
2020-21:No Score or Letter Grade N/A N/A
2019-20:No Score or Letter Grade N/A N/A
2018-19 Performance Report B 75
2017-18 Performance Report B 74
2016-17 Performance Report B 74
2015-16 Performance Report B 73
2014-15 Performance Report B 70
2013-14 Performance Report B 75
2012-13 Performance Report N/A N/A

Welcome Letter

Dear Parents, Families, and Friends of Classical Charter Schools of America:

Welcome to our North Carolina School Report Card, where you will find information on our schools’ student achievement, attendance, class size, safety, teacher quality, technology resources, and parental involvement.

Each of the four public charter schools in the Classical Charter Schools of America (CCS-America) family is managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, Inc. (RBA) which provides a robust classical curriculum taught with the proven Direct Instruction method. Uniquely, the schools’ classical curriculum includes coursework in Latin, Cursive, and Grammar. Our public schools of choice do not implement NC’s Common Core curriculum. Each year, our schools confirm and advance the mission of providing the highest quality educational experience in a safe, clean, spirited, and morally strong environment.

CCS-America schools are tuition-free, open enrollment public charter schools that welcome all students, regardless of address, income, or ability. The family of schools includes Classical Charter Schools of Leland, Classical Charter Schools of Southport, Classical Charter Schools of Whiteville, and Classical Charter Schools of Wilmington.

Our family of schools has received numerous awards, including designations as a “Top-25 School for Academic Growth” and an “Honors School of Excellence” in the state of North Carolina. Nationally, Classical Charter Schools of Leland received the 2016 Wesley Becker Excellent School award from the National Institute for Direct Instruction.

For the 2021-2022 school year, our family of CCS-America schools continued to outperform averages for the State of North Carolina and the counties in which we serve. We are incredibly proud of our students and staff for their hard work and drive. If seen as a school district, CCS-America placed 30th out of the 117 school districts in the state. As our curriculum places high importance on reading, it is particularly exciting that CCS-America ranked 16th out of the 117 school districts in Reading.

In addition to an effective academic program, our family of schools offers students opportunities to participate in a range of extracurricular activities including an eight-time National Champion cheer squad and a seven-time State Champion archery program, among others.

CCS-America’s total enrollment continues to increase, as our public charter schools of choice now serve over 2,600 students across the four campuses. We credit this growth to our priorities of providing a safe environment, character education, and academic excellence.

All schools in our family offer an Open Enrollment period annually during the month of December. For more information or questions regarding this report card, please visit or contact the RBA corporate office at 910.655.3600. You may also wish to subscribe to our free biweekly Newsletter that that brings you information on current events, students, alumni, and our outstanding staff. Subscribe at the bottom of


Robert P. Spencer

Chairman, CCS-America